Special Exams (DOT, Pre-employment, Fit-for-duty, Sports physical, School physical, Immigration and INS examinations)

Farragut Medical and Travel Care offers special exams including Fitness for Duty Exams, DOT Physicals, and Pre-employment or Pre-deployment exams, Sports physicals and School physicals and Immigration and INS examinations.

Employment Examinations can be a helpful and sometimes required part of the employment process.  At Farragut Medical and Travel Care, our staff is experienced in providing exams that meet the needs of the company.

Types of Exams Available:


Medical examination of any type which is administered after the contingent offer of employment has been made.  These exams may include specialized testing for urine drug screens, PPD placement or TB skin testing and eye exams.

DOT/Department of Transportation

DOT Physicals include:

• commercial driver’s license

• medical examiner’s certificate

• truck driver exams

Fit for Duty/Return to Work

Following prolonged injury or illness, either on the job or off the job or return from furlough, the employer should consider a Fit for Duty examination. This answers the question: “Can this person safely perform the essential functions of the job?”

A second application of this function is to evaluate the clarity and appropriateness of a personal physician’s restrictions

Fitness for Duty Exams include:

  • post-offer
  • return to work
  • functional ability

Sports physicals

Every participant in a school sports team is required to complete a pre-participation physical examination, also called sports physicals.

The goals of a preparticipation sports evaluation can be summarized as follows:

  • Determine that the athlete is in general good health.
  • Assess the athlete’s present fitness level.
  • Detect conditions that predispose the athlete to new injuries.
  • Evaluate any existing injuries of the athlete.
  • Assess the size and developmental maturation of the athlete.
  • Detect congenital anomalies that increase the athlete’s risk of injury.
  • Detect poor preparticipation conditioning that may put the athlete at increased risk. By performing a complete medical history and examination, our doctors can evaluate an athlete’s general health, current fitness level, risk of injury, and physical well-being.

School and camp physicals

Farragut Medical and Travel Care can provide camp and school physicals. The specific requirements vary by municipality, school, or camp and bringing the applicable forms and prior health and vaccine records are often necessary to expedite the completion of the exam paperwork.

These examinations provide an opportunity to review the individual’s complete health history and ensure that he or she is up-to-date with current immunization recommendations for their age.

Immigration and INS examinations

Medical examinations in the United States are typically required for adjustment of status (such as green card) cases (Form I-485), and may also be required for requests for “V” nonimmigrant status (Form I-539). If you are required to undergo an immigration medical exam, the immigration medical exam must be conducted by a physician approved by USCIS (also known as a “civil surgeon”).

Print out and bring the most recent version of Form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record, to your medical exam appointment: Fill out Part 1 of Form I-693 but do not sign until the civil surgeon instructs you to do so. The civil surgeon will use Form I-693 to document the results of your medical exam.

Please bring a government- issued identification, any records that you have of childhood vaccines and previous health records.  We will need to review these to complete the Form I-693.  In addition to the medical history and examination, you may also be required to undergo a blood test, a Tuberculosis test, and fulfill all the necessary vaccine documentation.   Our office can see both pediatric and adult patients.  We usually have all the necessary vaccines and immunizations on site.

We will complete and sign Form I-693 and seal the form and any supporting documents in an envelope. You must submit the sealed envelope to USCIS as directed in the Form I-693 instructions.

IMPORTANT: Do not break the seal or open this envelope.  USCIS will not accept Form I-693 if it is not in a sealed envelope or if the envelope is altered in any way.