Covid-19 Testing – Frequently Asked Questions


Our office is happy to announce that we have a variety of tests available for coronavirus.

Please call to ask about onsite COVID testing for you company or group.

Testing is only available by appointment.

The test options available:

  • Rapid Antigen Test (15 min): best for patients who are infected with higher viral load, regardless of symptoms. Intended for diagnosis and contagiousness. Turn around in about 15 minutes. If your result is negative, you may be recommended to get a PCR for backup. FDA Media: Please click here for more details on this test
  • PCR Test (nasal, nasopharyngeal swab or saliva): best for patients who are currently infected, have symptoms, or have been recently exposed (immediate-Day #5 depending on exposure). Intended for diagnosis. We can offer routine testing (turn around 2-5 days) and expedited testing (turnaround generally in <24 hrs).
  • PCR (In-house, 1 hr): This test is best for people with or without symptoms and want almost instant results. Please click here for more details on this test 
  • COVID-19 IgG Antibody test (Roche send out test): best for people who may have had symptoms or been exposed at least 10-14 days ago. Usual results in 1-2 days.  We are also happy to offer a Neutralizing antibody test.  Not for diagnosis.


  Best Candidate Testing site Wait time
Rapid Antigen $100
With symptoms Anterior nose 15 min
PCR-Routine $175
With or without symptoms; immediate-5 days after exposure* Anterior nose or Saliva** 2-3 days
PCR – Expedited $200
As above; for travel Anterior nose same day (<24 hrs)
PCR-In House $250
With or without symptoms Anterior nose 1 Hour
Antibody 14 days from exposure or symptoms, no current symptoms Blood specimen 1-2 days


*The timing of testing depends on the type of exposure and presence of symptoms. We can help you decide, if you have questions.

**PCR can be performed both via Anterior Nares and Saliva method with the same sensitivity. Most people prefer the Saliva, but it may not be suited for very young children. Limited countries request nasal swab. Please specify if you prefer Nasal swab as Saliva is our default.

***The Expedited PCR generally is returned within 4-48 hours of the lab receiving the specimen, not the timing of your specimen collection at the clinic. This timing is not able to be guaranteed and may be affected by holidays or increased demand.

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