On-Site Flu Clinic

We are currently booking onsite flu clinics. We are able to come to your location to do flu vaccines. This year we are being creative and are offering vaccine clinics in various protocols.

Option 1: Onsite clinic

Farragut Medical will travel to your office to administer the flu vaccine. It would be helpful if each patient or group of patients were given specific time slots to avoid excessive waiting or back up in elevators, etc. This might be ideal for a larger company with employees who have returned to the office.

Option 2: Walk-in to our office

Farragut Medical gives flu vaccines to walk-in patients throughout the day Monday through Friday from 9:30-5:00. There is no additional fee for this option. Participants will either pay at the time of the visit or your company can be billed. This option will require a list of eligible employees. Employees will need to show proof of employment, if your company would like to be billed. This option might be better for smaller companies.

Please use our easy and convenient Online Form or call us at 202-775-8500 to ask about our onsite flu clinic options.